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Katya Lisova
Coming back home
Katya Lisova
Coming back home

The Homecoming collage is a mix of visual symbols related to our past and present. All the elements of the collage are woven into the conditional composition of the towel (rushnyk), as a kind of sign of folk culture. In Ukraine, a towel has always had its own language of symbols and was the attribute that accompanied a person from birth to death.

Among the key elements of the work is a fragment of a postcard from the end of the 19th century with a view of the oldest street of Kyiv - Volodymyrska, as a symbol of the antiquity of our history and an image of an anti-tank hedgehog - a defense tool that became familiar to every Ukrainian and turned into a kind of sign of resistance and war in Ukraine.

From “The Power of Memory” series. 2022


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If you order a printed poster, the cost of printing and delivery will be added to your order.

10% of the sum will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Come Back Alive fund or the Charitable Foundation "Voices of Children". 50% will go towards supporting Ukrainian artists. 40% will keep this project running.

Previews of the posters can be used online for free with an indication of the authors and our site. 


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