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Oleksii Revika
Azovstal, 2022-140
Oleksii Revika
Azovstal, 2022-140

Azovstal is one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, located in the city of Mariupol. It became a strategically important object for both sides of the conflict. The russian military tried to capture the plant in order to secure a strategic reserve and control the economically important territory. But the military and ordinary civilians came to the defense of the plant, because they knew that the loss of Azovstal meant much more than the loss of industrial potential and stood to the last. This "red line" emphasizes cruelty, violations of international law and human rights by Russian troops. Thus, Azovstal became a symbol of the stability and indomitability of Ukrainians.

From the “Red Line series

Starting from the date of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the author has been working on a series of "Red Line" posters. It illustrates the events of the war that are happening here and now. Therefore, each work of the series is a red line crossed by Russia. The works of the author's poster series "Red Line" usually have a double name - a place and an event. Also, in addition to the date of creation, Oleksiy adds the day of creation of the work starting from 24.02.22. In this way, a calendar is created with a clear reference to events and phenomena during the war.


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If you order a printed poster, the cost of printing and delivery will be added to your order.

10% of the sum will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Come Back Alive fund or the Charitable Foundation "Voices of Children". 50% will go towards supporting Ukrainian artists. 40% will keep this project running.

Previews of the posters can be used online for free with an indication of the authors and our site. 


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