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Olesya Drashkaba
Red Thread of Life
Olesya Drashkaba
Red Thread of Life

In St. Sophia in Kyiv, there is an image of Mary holding a spindle with a red thread, symbolizing life and the act of weaving despite any challenges. The author wants this thin yet sturdy thread, patching and sewing our embroidered camouļ¬‚age, to serve as a reminder and a hopeful wish for the revival of ruined beauty which will undoubtedly happen.

This segment of the diptych serves as a metaphorical way to heal our land.

The author is trying to sew every wound, patch every hole, and alleviate every cut and loss. Though they are numerous, life heals gradually, layer by layer, stitch by stitch.


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If you order a printed poster, the cost of printing and delivery will be added to your order.

10% of the sum will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Come Back Alive fund or the Charitable Foundation "Voices of Children". 50% will go towards supporting Ukrainian artists. 40% will keep this project running.

Previews of the posters can be used online for free with an indication of the authors and our site. 


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