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Олеся Драшкаба
Червона нитка життя
Олеся Драшкаба
Червона нитка життя

In St. Sophia in Kyiv, there is the image of Mary, holding a spindle with a red thread – the symbol of life, and weaving no matter what. The author wants this thin but dense thread, patching and sewing our embroidered pixel, to be the reminder and the wish for the revival of ruined beauty which will undoubtedly happen.

This part of the diptych is a metaphorical way to heal our land.

Author is trying to sew up all the wounds and patch up all the holes, heal all the cuts and losses. There are a lot of them, but life heal layer by layer, stitch by stitch.

The second part of the diptych - Red Thread of Life -1


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